AN Commission builds draft Law Against Climate Change

The permanent commission of eco-socialism of the National Assembly (AN), continued this March 15 the meetings for the construction of the draft Law Against Climate Change, a legislative initiative that aspires to a set of provisions for the immediate management of the problems generated due to climate variation.

The deputies representing the “Fruto Vivas” UPA of the MINEC, the Chancellory, the Environmental and People’s Ombudsman; as well as scholars, technicians, specialists, invited experts from the country, resumed the discussion on the title and objective of the bill, in addition to reviewing the content for the explanatory statement of the legal instrument that is expected to be presented in plenary next month. July 2022, as reviews a press release published by Deputy Ricardo Molina.

It is hoped that the proposal will be an instrument to provide guidance and inspiration and at the same time lay the foundations and guidelines for the transition to an eco-socialist model of production and reproduction of life.