People of Barinas reaffirm their hope in the legacy of Commander Chávez

To the sound of the music of the Llanos, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, shared with the people of Barinas who met in the town of Sabaneta, the land of Commander Chávez, to reaffirm that hope is in the streets and ready for the victory on July 28.

Regarding this meeting, the head of State instructed to implement the road rehabilitation plan in the streets of the entity, as well as the absolute rehabilitation of the Sabaneta Hospital with works of the 1×10 system of Good Government. He also requested the selection of spokespersons for the 11 communal circuits to organize the housing issue.

Likewise, President Maduro asked the people of Barinas: Do you want a weak and manipulable president or a brave and firm president?. Do you want a president of the surnames and the oligarchy, or a president of the people?”, to which the citizens, in unison, responded that he was chosen to take the reins of the country in this new stage of revolution.

Sacred oath of Sabaneta:

I swear, from Sabaneta, in the name of God Our Father, in the name of Christ the Redeemer, I swear, in the name of the liberators of America, in the name of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez, I swear by my family, by my community and by my Homeland, that I will not give rest to my arm, nor rest to my soul until I have achieved with great effort the organization of the 1x10x7 and enough strength to win by knockout the elections of July 28 and open the way for our country, for peace, independence, prosperity and the future, from Sabaneta I swear, for now and forever.”

After taking the oath, the national leader called the people of Barinas “the army of liberators of this historical era.”