Head of State accompanied march of youth against sanctions

In a demonstration of unity and commitment to the Venezuelan youth, the president of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolás Maduro, joined the great Youth Walk, held this Friday in the city of Caracas, against the unilateral sanctions imposed by the Government of the United States, and in which thousands of young people gathered to walk the streets of the capital in an act in support of the national Government and in defense of its future.

This event, marked by slogans of hope and determination, reflected the youth’s rejection of the criminal blockade and underlined the importance of national sovereignty. In this sense, in the morning, the Head of State reiterated his support for young people, through a publication in the X network, and emphasized his vital role in the construction of a prosperous and autonomous Venezuela.

The active participation of the president in the walk not only strengthens the bond with the youth, but also highlights the relevance of the Great Mission Young Venezuela. This government program focuses on the comprehensive development of young people, especially in key areas such as science and technology, fundamental for the advancement of the country.

The Youth Walk toured the streets of the Universidad Avenue, La Bolsa Corner, the Vice Presidency of the Republic, Urdaneta Avenue, Llaguno Bridge and Miraflores Palace, and stands as a symbol of the fight for a better future, free of external interference and with full confidence in the capabilities of the new generation of Venezuelans. Likewise, with the guidance of the president, the Venezuelan youth is projected as the driving force to achieve an independent and sovereign nation.