Venezuela outlines as a priority advancing in economic integration with Brazil and Colombia

The recently appointed Minister of People’s Power for Industries and National Production, José Félix Rivas Alvarado, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, entrusted advancing in economic integration with Brazil and Colombia, mainly establishing mechanisms to promote investment.

During the broadcast of the “Con Maduro+” program, he ordered a deep study of the 18 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, given that “they open up the possibility of investment by South American capital to advance in the achievement of integration.”

“I have discussed it with President (Gustavo) Petro, I have discussed it in depth with President Lula (…) to attract capital from Colombia and Brazil for the economic development of Venezuela,” he added.

In this regard, the head of Industries and National Production stressed that the opportunity that arises from the relationship with Brazil and Colombia “we have to take advantage of it and I think we can take it to a win-win process.”

He highlighted that, in this sense, the strengthening of the productive capacity to produce goods, generate infrastructure, energy and knowledge between Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela for joint growth is looming on the horizon:

Integration is the daughter of development. National development cannot be conceived without the integration of a regional bloc”, pointed out Rivas Alvarado.

The appointment of José Félix Rivas Alvarado is contained in Decree No. 4,848, of the Extraordinary Official Gazette No. 6,762, dated August 28.