President Nicolás Maduro: Venezuela has 50 gas projects with international projection

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Wednesday that Venezuela has more than 50 first-rate projects for the production of gas in the national territory and its subsequent export to international markets.

This was highlighted by the Head of State in the context of the official visit of the Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, Haitham Al Ghais, to Venezuela.

“Venezuela is ready to fulfill its role and supply the oil and gas market,” he stressed.

The President also affirmed that each project has “seismic studies and legal guarantees” so that international investors can operate calmly in Venezuela:

International investors who come from Russia, Iran, China, Kuwait, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina – will have – the guarantees to come to produce gas in Venezuela and to take the gas to international markets”, he pointed out from Miraflores Palace, in Caracas.

Noting that “we have been recovering the oil industry,” the Head of State emphasized that “we are ready to progressively and rapidly increase oil production, to expand the production of refined oil products and to increase the production of fertilizers for the world”.

OPEC+ Expansion:

The visit of the senior OPEC official to Venezuela takes place in the framework of the commemoration of the 62nd anniversary of OPEC.

During his participation in the meeting held in Miraflores, he expressed the need to expand OPEC + with the aim of consolidating itself as the driver of the world oil market “with more and more influence, with more and more determination.”

“We are going to expand OPEC+, to consolidate OPEC+ and we are going to take the reins of the oil market with determination, autonomy, independence and one goal: the world’s energy and economic stability,” said Al Ghais.

Al Ghais acknowledged that “Venezuela is an iconic land in the world, it has an abundance of natural resources and one of the most important resources is the brave people of Venezuela.”

He commented that during the recent Eurasian tour of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, he had the opportunity to meet with him, “a meeting that served to give me guidance and words of support. I am honored to say that I can count on you as a true ally in our cooperation strategies”.

The land of Bolívar has elevated our organization to essential principles, such as: cooperation between nations; unity and respect for national sovereignty (…) Venezuela is key to our energy future”, he pointed out.

Given the global geopolitical situations, the Secretary of OPEC stated that the organization remains attentive and alert to agree meetings and address any type of situation that arises in the oil markets.

To conclude, he emphasized that “it is a unique opportunity to reaffirm the bonds of friendship between OPEC and Venezuela, the benefits of this alliance are not only in energy areas, but also the great friendship forged between the countries.”