Dialogue between Colombia and ELN in Venezuela will transcend positively in Latin America

In the vicinity of the Humboldt hotel, located in the Warairarepano park, in Caracas, the manager of Peace in the dialogue process between the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army (ELN), Violeta Arango, considered that the political transformation of the New Granadean country, after so many years of violence, will transcend in a positive way in Latin America, after materializing this round table.

Violeta Arango explained that this agency is a space agreed between the ELN and the Colombian government, for 5 years, with the aim of promoting the agreements that are reached at the negotiating table.

In this sense, she emphasized that with these dialogues, the ELN seeks to contribute to transformations and real changes in Colombia, in the search of peace:

“It’s not about solving the guerrilla problem or about demobilization, it’s about real transformations that actually may lead for peace to exist,” she stressed.

When asked about the difference between this current peace process and the previous ones, Arango indicated that “for the first time in Colombia a government arrives that is from another political tradition, different from the right wing”, which facilitates the conversations and the establishment agreements that help the country move towards peace.