Important! This will be the process of voting for the Constituent Assembly

The rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Sandra Oblitas, explained on Thursday how will be the voting process for the elections of the National Constituent Assembly, scheduled for next July 30.

In the case of the territorial elections, she explained that will be given as follows: “We find the option of territorial vote, choose any of the numbers that appear on the screen, they will be the names of people (…) one by Municipality and two by capitals, we choose any one, we press to vote and the screen of the sectoral vote is activated in dependence to the sector that belongs the voter, makes a choice also with numbers and we press ‘vote “.

She maintained that once this process is completed, the voter must remove the voucher issued by the machine, fold it and deposit it in the safe box that will be in the next station.

During her participation in the program “Con Amorín” (With Amorin), broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Oblitas also invited people to verify the sector in which it is entitled to exercise their right to vote, according to what is established in the electoral bases for the ANC.

She assured that the CNE is committed to guarantee all the mechanisms of diffusion of the electoral process, so that the citizens attend with security and knowledge of what they must do at the moment of making the election.

The electoral authority took advantage to condemn the violence and reject the attitude of those who threaten not to let the people exercise their right to suffrage.

“To say that the exercise of the vote is going to be impeded is a crime, the participatory democracy provided for in the Constitution establishes that the sovereignty that resides in the people exercises it through the vote. Voting is a human right, the exercise of democratic participation no one can prevent it”, she said.