D'Amelio: CNE has 15 days to make public the 20% proposal

The President of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Tania D’Amelio said the National Board of the National Electoral Council (CNE) has 15 days to present to the country the proposal for the collection of a 20% of statements of intent for the possible activation of a recall referendum.
The announcement was made in reference to the insistent call that has made the self-called Democratic Unity Board (MUD) to go to the regional centers of the CNE to force the highest electoral body to issue the date of this second phase in the referendum process.
During her participation in the «En Tres y Dos» (Between Three and Two) program, broadcast this Wednesday by Venezolana de Television (VTV), D’Amelio recalled that the president of the CNE, Tibisay Lucena, has presented in earlier days a schedule where are detailed step by step the processes for the activation of the referendum, and so she emphasized that the demonstrations called by the Venezuelan right wing only seek to generate violence.
He said that this second phase of collection of a 20% is very different from the first step since it is required to collect at least 4 million signatures through the voting centers that will function as centers for expressions of will, and even the CNE must make a schedule similar to that of the presidential election.
I also regret the double discourse of political parties agglutinated in the Democratic Unity Board demanding on the media a definitive date for collecting signatures for a recall process, even when they already know that the date will be between October 24 and 30.
«There’s a double standard. I know there is a political opposition sector who wants democracy, which participates in strengthening democracy, and there is that (other) sector that is against democracy, against peace, precisely it is the one who makes the call to go (to rally on) the regional (CNE) offices» she said.