Vice Minister Isbemar Jiménez: Exercise of communication is a constitutional and popular right

The Vice Minister for Communicational Management, Isbemar Jiménez emphasized, this Thursday, that “the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela protects the right and exercise of communication”, when setting a position on the attacks suffered by community media in the states Barinas, Mérida and Aragua by municipal opposition authorities recently elected in the elections of last Sunday, November 21.

During her intervention in a special program broadcast by the state-owned TV station VTV, Jiménez rejected the right wing’s attack on community media in Mérida, Barinas and Aragua states, and highlighted that community media are foundations with legal personality that have been communicating for a long time.

The Vice Minister for Communicational Management reiterated her solidarity with popular and community communicators throughout the country and urged them to maintain the denounce process peacefully and with the support of the people.

It is worth noting that the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab appointed prosecutors 15 from Barinas state, and 16 from Mérida state, to investigate the violent acts against the community radio stations of the aforementioned entities, events that occurred in the municipality of Zamora, Arzobispo Chacón and Andres Bello.

This was reported by the Attorney General through his Twitter account @TarekWiliamSaab, where he explained that these community stations had cables cut, damaged booths and physically threatened the directors of the radio media, even in the presence of minors.

Tarek William Saab


1) # DESIGNATED Prosecutor 15 of Barinas and Prosecutor 16 of Mérida to investigate the assaults -by violent mobs- of #community stations of the Zamora Municipality in Barinas, in addition to the Arzobizpo Chacón and Andrés Bello / Municipalities in Mérida… the aggressors caused serious damages”

10:09 p. m. Nov 24. 2021

On Wednesday night, the Minister for Communication and Information, Freddy Ñañez, expressed solidarity with these media.

The first case that he disclosed was that of the Azulita 103.7 FM community radio in Mérida. The recently elected mayor of the Andrés Bello municipality, María Villasmil, tried to arbitrarily close it.

Among others, the Explosiva station in the municipality of Santa Bárbara de Barinas and Radio Positiva de Aragua, were besieged and attacked by municipal opposition authorities elected on Sunday.