President Nicolás Maduro approves creation of the National Land Commission – CNT

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, approved this Wednesday the creation of the National Land Commission – CNT, a consultative and participatory body that will have the objective of deepening the policy of regularizing land ownership with an agricultural vocation throughout the national territory.

During his participation in a new Productive Wednesday journey, from the Integral Production Unit “Cacique Yare”, a space with more than 2,000 productive hectares located in Aragua state, the Head of State explained that this instance will act through a system of spokesmen, in which will be integrated 1,123 parish spokesmen; 335 municipal spokespersons and 24 state spokespersons.

He assured that this initiative will allow giving a necessary boost to the democratization of land for agricultural production, in a process that will include support for the development of productive projects with machinery, financing and support in general.

In this context, he emphasized that “in Venezuela an agrarian revolution has been carried out in peace” a fact reflected in the delivery, to date, of 12,591,000 hectares of land “and more than 3,575,000 hectares have been regularized throughout the country”.

“Venezuela has taken a step forward, it is growing and advancing in a great country project, where its economy is diversified,” he said, highlighting the effort and work of Venezuelans who have opted for the productive development of the country “despite the more than 500 sanctions applied by the United States government to the Venezuelan people.

Unstoppable Growth:

Similarly, he predicted that Venezuela consolidates the course towards a new economy with education, science and technology: “Experts in the world estimate that Venezuela’s economic growth is between 5% and 20%”

We will build the new economy in Venezuela. There were 120 years of oil rent-seeking, but that is over (…) We spent more than what came in and we imported everything and we did not produce anything, Venezuela took a step forward and Venezuela is growing, advancing in a great project for the country”, he said.

Venezuelan meat for the world:

During the work journey, President Maduro highlighted the work on this path of the “Cacique Yare” Agricultural Production Unit, a production center that has a storage capacity for 1,350 of the Brahma and Carora breeds, in a space of six hectares, of the 2,000 productive hectares it owns in total:

“Years ago we exported a lot of meat from Argentina and now we eat meat produced in Venezuela that will be imported to other countries”, he said.

He added that the country has 30 million hectares “ready to produce and that must be done by the people.”

He announced that this Friday, in Portuguesa state, a thousand hectares of land will be delivered to the farmers of that plains entity.