Venezuelan delegation met with the Development Bank of China

The work team of the Bolivarian Government met this Wednesday with the chief executive of the Development Bank of China, Zheng Jizhe, as part of the agenda of the 16th High Level Meeting of Financial Cooperation between Venezuela and the Asian nation.

The purpose of the meeting was the strengthening of financial alliances between both countries, within the framework of the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Plan executed by Venezuela.

The executive vice president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, highlighted the strengthening of economic and political relations with the Asian nation, through messages spread by the Twitter social network.

«These are the models that should be emulated in the world, based on mutual respect and shared benefit», while stating that «11 years of financial relationship have meant a positive impact on the socioeconomic development of Venezuela and also the shared benefit of our peoples».

For his part, the president of the Development Bank of China, Zheng Jizhe, stressed the importance of the talks: «This meeting has been extraordinary for the balance we have made and for what is to come, the future, within the framework of President Nicolás Maduro’s Recovery Plan (…) Good bases are being built for our strategic alliances established between both countries».