President Nicolás Maduro presented the Victoria Bicentenaria Plan for the return to school

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, held on Tuesday a meeting with the heads of the Educational Zones throughout the country, within the framework of the imminent start of the 2021-2022 School Year, a day during which he presented the Victoria Bicentenaria (Bicentennial Victory) Plan to accompany the return to face-to-face classes.

Recalling that on October 25, face-to-face school activities will begin throughout the country, complying with all biosafety measures, he affirmed that Venezuela has a great educational and pedagogical capacity at the service of the people.

He stressed that the school year will be marked by the arrival of new technology and that the goal is to advance the establishment of the new normalcy.

In this regard, he specified that up to date, 30% of the country’s schools have internet and set the goal for the first quarter of 2022, to reach 100% of schools with internet.

Regarding the immunization of teaching staff and educational communities, he assured that “we are aimed at vaccinating 100% of educational personnel, it is necessary that all personnel are vaccinated for the protection of students. 84% of the country’s educational personnel have already been vaccinated”, he said.

He announced that Venezuela is working on the application of vaccines to minors, the start of which will be announced at the end of December.

Ten vertices for a safe return to classes:

During the meeting, the Minister of People’s Power for Education, Yelitze Santaella, explained that 10 vertices were developed for the safe and reliable return to classes and that they were presented to teachers, in addition to the information campaign deployed in the campuses of the country.

The first vertex refers to biosafety measures, the second vertex has to do with the care of teachers and the third vertex with the care of public spaces.

The other vertices are aimed at serving, among other things, the School Food Program (PAE), school bags, school supplies and footwear, as well as the beautification of schools, production, families, technology, communes, organization and teacher training.

She pointed out that as of this Monday, October 19, through digital media and social networks, messages of motivation for returning to classes will begin to be spread:

In this return to classes we continue to comply with the prevention measures:

This will be the new normalcy for the return to school:

We are ready for returning to school:

During the activity, President Maduro specified that the school enrollment for the 2021-2022 term is 8,789,356 students, with more than 3,527,000 in first grade; 2,3982.85 in general middle educationand 1,902,795 in initial.

While 127,577 are in (educational) Mission Ribas; in Robinson 39,317; especially 61,757; 292,146 in technical middle education and 430,153 in the National Institute for Socialist Training and Education (Inces).

In his intervention, the national leader instructed the creation of student biosafety brigades in all high schools in the country and instructed the Somos Venezuela (We Are Venezuela) Movement to detect school dropouts, as a result of the suspension of classes due to the pandemic.

He also asked to guarantee that the QR student ticket collection system “works without failures (…) that it works directly, until we achieve 100% digital bolivar”, he stressed.