176 people arrested for trying to enter the country by trails and evading health control

Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CEOFANB), reported on Tuesday the arrest of 176 people, who were trying to enter the country through the trails (illegal crossings), and evading the sanitary checkpoints against Covid -19, placed in Venezuela for the control and prevention of this respiratory disease.

“The generals have already been appointed to fine-tune the coordination tasks with all state entities, including the Ministry of People’s Power for Interior relations, Justice and Peace, increasing the logistical muscle to combat the illegal crossing of people across our borders”, manifested during the meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Control of Covid-19, in Miraflores palace, in Caracas.

The Commander of the CEOFANB explained that three checkpoints have been activated througout La Guajira, with a contingent of military personnel, in the Mara and Guajira municipalities.

“We are on alert to the crossing of people through irregular passages, we have made a diagnosis and exerted direct pressure on these border points and increasing the presence of our men”.

He assured that, in addition to the main objective of stopping illegal entry, it is to verify that each compatriot who enters the country, is subject to a sanitary control at the Integral Social Care Posts (PASI), in order to rule out that they arrive infected to the nation.