Menéndez: In 2017, Venezuela put a stop to imperialism

«In 2017, Venezuelans put a stop to imperialism, it was a year of historic inflection for our country in the face of internal and external attacks.»

This was stated on Tuesday by the Minister for Planning, Ricardo Menéndez, during his participation in the «Dando y Dando-Radio program», broadcast by RNV Informative channel, detailing the mechanisms created by the Bolivarian Government to protect the Venezuelan people against attempts to destabilize of sectors on the right wing.

«The defense of sovereignty, independence and creativity were the great variants of this year to face the sanctions and decrees of the United States that sought to curtail the economic freedom of our country», said the senior official.

In the opinion of the Minister, during 2017, the population was witness and guarantor of the birth of a new architecture with a creative vision that changed the economic vision of the country by 180 degrees, through extraordinary mechanisms such as distribution and direct subsidies of food and resources. through the Carnet de la Patria (Homeland Card) system, among others.

«These last two years have been of birth, a constituent moment of reorganization of the political, legal, productive and social scaffolding of the country, we are in a moment of hope of looking to the future», said Menéndez.