7.106 citizens have registered applications for municipal elections

The Chairwoman of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, reported on Wednesday that for the municipal elections, scheduled for December of this year, have registered 7,106 citizens, of which 1,292 have been presented so far before the municipal electoral boards.

In a telephone contact with Venezolana de Televisión, she mentioned that of the 7,106 applications, 5,964 are men and 1,162 are women. In the case of those who have appeared before the boards to record the collections and formalize their application, there are 1,127 men and 175 women.

Likewise, he explained that have been received 25 (17 women and 8 men) nominations for the Governorate of Zulia state, where the new Governor will be elected after the Legislative Council of the entity declared the absolute lack this after the refusal of Juan Pablo Guanipa to be sworn in before the National Constituent Assembly.