Installed national work journey to develop strategic agenda on public services

Within the framework of the Carabobo 200 Plan, the sectoral vice president of Public Works and Services, G / J Néstor Reverol, installed this Monday the National Public Services Work Journey in order to discuss various issues in the area and to develop a strategic agenda to satisfy the needs of the people.

The also Minister of People’s Power for Electric Energy, indicated that, during the journey will be debated various points on public services in order to build a map of solutions “in each of the territories that lead us to solve the needs of the people amidst this permanent siege”.

“We are meeting, all those responsible for the territory of the 24 entities of the country, to develop a diagnosis that allows us to know the nodes that arise according to the reality of each state,” he said.

Reverol also commented that a short-term solution will be discussed at the work tables that will allow for an early warning system to notify whoever is concerned and thus, even if there is some irregularity in the provision of the service, “shorten the time of failure.”

Are participating in the activity the Deputy Carolina Cestari, the territorial representatives of the Corporación Eléctrica Nacional S.A. (National Electric Corporation) (Corpoelec), the presidents and members of the country’s hydrologies, the state commanders of the National Guard, among other authorities.