Military Aviation will continue to strengthen thanks to alliance with Russia and China

President Nicolás Maduro announced this Sunday that will soon arrive in the country new military equipment and tools from Russia and China, in order to continue strengthening the work of the Bolivarian Military Aviation.
“Soon there will be good surprises regarding the arrival of new technology in the aviation and defense area from China and Russia to continue making our homeland a country of peace, sovereign, free and independent,” he said from Aragua state, where he participated in the Act of commemoration of the 96 years of the Bolivarian Military Aviation.
He stressed that despite the downfalls in the prices of oil, which ranged from 30 to 40 dollars per barrel during the year, Venezuela’s social and military investment has not stopped.
“We have made an supra-human effort, because in addition to the oil war we have had a financial world war. An infernal economic war”, he said.
The Head of State said that although the country was already politically liberated more than 200 years ago, it is now necessary to save it from the criminal oligarchy: “It is the great task of our generation, we must start a powerful machinery to raise the economy With its own strength and to replace the imposition of capital on the people. We need a country that generates its own national wealth and meets the needs of the people”, he concluded.