Hinterlaces: 75% of Venezuelans support dialogue with productive sectors

Foto: archivo
Foto: archivo
A 75% of Venezuelans is in favor of the dialogue undertaken by the National Government with the productive sectors, with the aim of overcoming the economic situation faced by the nation and establish a new production model, refers to a survey of the Hinterlaces company.
The study, which included 1,580 direct interviews in homes across the country, held from May 10 to 18, was spread on Sunday at the “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program, which broadcasts Televen.
When questioned about the sector they consider most important for the Executive to dialogue and establish agreements to solve the economic problems of the country, most respondents bent by the business sector against a 22% who favors dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition to overcome the economic situation.
Through the National Council of Productive Economy, more than 90% of entrepreneurs and representatives of the productive sector of the country, maintains an ongoing dialogue with the Government through weekly meetings in order to provide answers to the different requirements to increase the production of goods and services in the country.
The Council is part of the activation of the 15 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, promoted by the Bolivarian Government to produce a new production model.