Comptroller General Elvis Amoroso held a work meeting with institutions of the Venezuelan State

The Comptroller General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will present to the UN a proposal for the recovery of resources and assets dispossessed by factors of the opposition to the Venezuelan people.

This was reported by Comptroller General Elvis Amoroso during a work meeting held with representatives of the main institutions of the Venezuelan State, to issue guidelines and strengthen the fight against corruption in the country.

In this regard, Amoroso pointed out that the highest comptroller body of the country prepares a work agenda to expose, within the framework of the United Nations (UN) Convention to be held next June, the achievements and achievements in the fight against corruption in Venezuela.

In that vein, he announced that in the next few days Venezuela will render account to the UN and that the comptroller will present the aforementioned proposal in order to recover the money that the Venezuelan opposition has transferred to other nations.

At the United Nations, we will be presenting once again Venezuela’s request to recover the assets that the criminal gangs, headed by Juan Gerardo Guaidó and his working group, have stolen from us. The countries of the world will know who are those characters that have seized the money of all Venezuelans, money that is found in nations like England and the United States”, he said.

Comptroller’s Office records a positive balance:

In his presentation, Amoroso highlighted that Venezuela registers great advances in the fight against the scourge of corruption: “We are one of the few countries with great advances in fiscal control, our legal framework is quite adequate to international regulations and we are even at the forefront in many aspects”, considered the Comptroller.

In this work journey, held at the headquarters of the Comptroller General of the Republic, general directors of the Comptroller’s Office, representatives of the Public Ministry, National Anti-Corruption Superintendence, National Electoral Council, National Public Procurement Service, National Body Against Corruption and of the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Relations, among others.