Our demand is to dialogue without alternatives

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro said his requirement in the board installed between the Government and Opposition is to dialogue, without alternatives. He requested to those factors who adverse his political project, to abandon all conspiratorial plans, and the calls for the intervention of the country, in addition to having a strict adherence to the Constitution.
During his weekly program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro) No. 71 held from the Waraira Repano mountain, in a special edition due to the arrival of Christmas to the country, he stressed that democracy must be mobilized, but not violent, referring to the political leaders who promote violent demonstrations towards the Miraflores Palace.
“Those are ideas of war, are criminal ideas, and whoever calls for a march to Miraflores is a criminal, and it is a leader, (then) is a criminal one,” he said.
He applauded the statements by Henry Ramos Allup, and that it has been canceled the (opposition’s) mobilization to Miraflores Palace, because in his view, “That is not a march to Miraflores, it is an assault on Miraflores. If you try to interpellate me outside of the constitution, or try to impeach me, which is neither in the Constitution, do not count on me, “he said.
“Venezuela will not return to Coups d’ Etat, to violence. We need the peace in the country in order to continue building a new society, a new economic model, the social revolution, a new political model (…) I welcome and salute that the opposition has taken sensible positions, I told it so, I tend my hand to the MUD “said the National President.