Ameliach: Recall referendum will be the MUD's last deceit

“The attempt to activate the recall referendum in 2016 against President Nicolas Maduro is another deceit by the MUD, even more, many analysts say it will be the last one, as it is outside the law to do so, it is impossible. ”
The statement was made by the Governor of Carabobo state, Francisco Ameliach, while remembering that the opposition lies again to the Venezuelans with two concise points, the first refers that the recall referendum would be made this year, and the second to summon the population to sign up in order to collect a percentage of expressions of will with the false promise that the Bolivarian Government will end.
“In the opposition what they are really fighting for is the Presidential candidate for 2018, they know that there will be no recall referendum and that the MUD will be known for having the biggest verifiable fraud in Venezuela, by presenting as valid the signatures of 11,000 deceased people in the manifestations of will for the organization to promote the recall referendum. ”
During his participation in the program “Hablando de Poder” (Speaking of power), Ameliach described the problems that exist within the political organization and the legal and political implications that would result in a recall referendum against President Maduro.
“The scenario would be that the presidential term would be culminated by the Vice President of the Republic chosen by the President, in terms of political effectiveness what the MUD would be doing is that the citizens would really elect that the Vice President becomes President of the Republic”.
He also referred to the internal struggle for the presidential nomination for 2018, and invited listeners to give the correct reading to the clashes between some leaders and check through the various social networks the clashes between some leaders of the political right wing organization.
“Due to these confrontations between parties and candidates is that political analysts believe that the MUD has decreed its death,” said the Governor.