Cabello: Maduro will receive the Presidency of NAM for three years and the MUD is full of hate

Diosdado Cabello, first Vice President of the PSUV, stressed that the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, will receive the pro-tempore Presidency of NAM for the next three years, and he noted that this has the MUD’s spokesmen “full of hatred”.
The 17th NAM Summit, in which Venezuela will assume the Presidency of the body, has been classified into three main stages: A meeting of senior officials who are responsible for drafting the final declaration of the Summit, a meeting of Chancellors, and meeting of Heads of State and Government.
During the first working day, on Tuesday, Nicaragua was appointed as rapporteur country of the summit and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was elected to preside over both the Political Committee, and the Economic and Social Commission.
The NAM is an important forum for political consultation made up of 120 members representing the interests and priorities of developing countries on several continents.
“Recall Referendum is not going to be made”
Cabello stressed that although opposition spokespeople are requesting the recall referendum for this year, it will not take place, and pointed out that Maduro will completely comply with his presidency: “I voted for Maduro and want him to stay in office until the last second of his period”.
Moreover, he stressed that the decision of the PSUV to request the dismissal of those with positions in State agencies and who signed for the recall referendum responds to the protection of the Revolution: “We have said that there can not be “escuálidos” (right wing supporters) in directing positions, directing state agencies”.
This was emphasized in his program “Con el Mazo Dando” (Hitting with the Hammer) number 125 held in Margarita Island.