Cabello: The opposition deceived its people, no one wants to take responsibility

The First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, regarding the march of last September 1 said in an interview with journalist José Vicente Rangel that the opposition has deceived its people.
“Our slogan was “Nicolas will not go” and he did not left, they deceived their people and mobilized them under that premise for these people to mobilize (…) they said this had been the largest mobilization they have had, I don’t think so, they would need 11 km long and 30 meters wide for it to be a big meeting, and that is impossible. ”
In the “José Vicente Hoy” ( José Vicente Today) program, broadcast on Televen, Cabello insisted that the MUD “tries to give hope to his followers telling them that there were more than one million people and it is absurd (…) need seater Bolivar to accommodate that many people ( …) all of you gentlemen of the opposition without exception stated that 1-S was going to Maduro and now they say it’s a lie, nobody wants to take responsibility (…) the electoral victory that had the 6-D have not been able to turn in a triumph street because people are going disenchanted “.
In this sense, Cabello said that “they had everything ready for the march, even the Episcopal Conference had their statement, the newspapers already had their headlines ready for Sept-2 and failed their mission (…) there is no leadership in this opposition because even on the stage there were fights until the last minute to see who was to speak (…) We in the Chavismo since April 11 (2002) we have learned lessons, but they did not (…) they do not have the courage and responsibility to tell their followers that they were wrong because the personal ambition they have leads them not to care about the country. ”
“We have been preparing ourselves, from the very moment on that Maduro won the elections, because the opposition has generated violence since then (…) they have already made a schedule and we have ours, when they realize that the collection of signatures is made, and they see that the revoking will not be made this year, there will come demonstrations for entire days, and then what will come? A strike on December 24? It would not surprise us”, said Cabello.
Given this scenario, the parliamentarian of the National Assembly said that the Government is willing to sit down and talk with the opposition “But without any blackmail (…) when the empire is meddling and demands the release of some politician who is imprisoned, we know that they have bad intentions and we know that if there is a boss in the Venezuelan opposition is the Government of the USA “.
“In here there will be no revoking (referendum) because of them, I always say it, would they had wanted to do that referendum this year, they would have requested it as soon as they reached the NA, why did they not did it? Because their intentions are other (…) we are not going to make it easy to these deceivers of duty”, he stressed.