Maduro: Our country is ready to dialogue without conditions

President Nicolas Maduro reiterated on Monday that the right-wing opposition does not want to dialogue, and what they are looking is for an international intervention in Venezuela, he also recalled that he has made calls for dialogue, “Whereas they say they will not dialogue”.
He added, on a National Television joint broadcast, that the National Commission appointed for such responsibility is willing and available at the moment they decide to do so, and thus start the government-opposition talks.
He noted that the opposition sector one day say they will dialogue indeed, and on the other day they will not, he also mentioned that they have released a statement saying they were open to dialogue starting from Tuesday, July 12.
The Head of State said that he has created all political conditions, both national and internationally, in order so dialogue can be given, while the opposition only continues looking for excuses to continue using the National Assembly to harm the country.
Thus he informed it during a meeting of the Council of Ministers held at Miraflores Palace in Caracas.