This is the positive balance after the closure of the Colombian-Venezuelan border

Gerardo Jose Izquierdo, Minister of State for the New Frontier of Peace, during Wednesday night gave a balance of the Mission being executed by the Revolutionary Government as part of the deployment on the border that began after closing the passage between Colombia and Venezuela, as part of State policies executed by President Maduro.
The balance is made during an interview with the program “En la Palestra” (In the BOard) broadcast by RNV Informative channel.
He explained that the closure of the border with Colombia has impacted positively, “There have been captured criminals who were put to the orders both of the Venezuelan Government, as well as Colombia and the United States. They were requested by international authorities for the crime of drug trafficking. ”
He also highlighted that they have seized food, drugs, money, weapons and others. “Even an opposition councilman was arrested carrying drugs by a gauge, he was carrying medicines to Colombia, and is put at the orders of the Court.”
The councilman responds by the name of Angel Ignacio Hernandez, member of the Voluntad Popular party.
As for the food seized, he said that they have been sold at the price established by the authorities in areas close to the detention.
“We have also arrested people who wanted to move animals such as donkeys and alligators to market their meat,” he added.
The Minister highlighted the struggle of the Venezuelan authorities to guarantee human rights in the Colombian -Venezuelan border sector.
“There is an absolute display of the Bolivarian Armed Forces, complemented by police forces in each sector to strive to ensure that lower levels of smuggling extraction”.
Izquierdo similarly enhanced the need to develop an awareness campaign on the extraction of food, gasoline, among other items.
During the balance of the Mission deployed by the Venezuelan State, the Minister stressed that have been captured important citizens linked to paramilitarism, smuggling and drug trafficking.
President Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure of the Colombia-Venezuela border after the paramilitary attack suffered by members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) in the town of San Antonio del Tachira last August 19, 2015.