Nicolás Maduro’s electoral campaign is framed in the ratification of the independence process that took place 213 years ago

Within the framework of the commemoration of the 213 years of the Declaration of Independence, celebrated on July 5, the Voces Bicentenarias program highlights the new battle for the ratification of independence that will take place this July 28 with the triumph of the candidate of the revolution, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

This was stated by historian Ángel García, when invited to the radio space that is broadcast through the multiplatform of the RNV System, when highlighting the importance of this new electoral event for the achievement of sovereignty and independence of the Bolivarian homeland:

“On July 28, we are not only going to elect a president, we are going to vote among those who are betting that this country continues to maintain its independence, its sovereignty, its freedom, that it continues to be the owner of its natural resources, that it can be a nation with self-determination” stated García.

For García, there are two scenarios that are at stake, that of sovereign and independent democracy and that of those who bet on the delivery of the country, in alliance with sectors of the international extreme right that have seized Venezuela’s assets abroad. that have damaged the national economy and have endangered the peace of the republic.

The host of the program, José Ávila, highlighted the relevance of remembering this historical fact in the face of the next electoral event, what Nicolás Maduro embodies regarding the consolidation and continuity of the fight undertaken more than two centuries ago for the independence of Venezuela:

When we raise the flags of independence, we do so convinced of a principle that we have raised and that the act of the declaration of independence always raises, the self-determination of the peoples,” said Ávila.

In this context, both analysts agreed that Nicolás Maduro is the only one capable of guaranteeing the autonomy of Venezuela, which translates for the people into living in peace, with greater economic and social stability.