Candidate Maduro calls on the people to vote this MAY-20

The candidate for the Ample Front of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated on Thursday his call to the Venezuelan people to express their will on May 20, when the presidential elections are held to elect the next president of the Republic.

“The only way to have a president in Venezuela is for it to be elected by the secret, direct, free and sovereign vote of the people of Venezuela. All I do is call to vote”, said Maduro from the Poliedro de Caracas, on a broadcast by VTV.

He repudiated the statements of some candidates who say that in the campaign there is “advantageism”.

“We have only one advantage, which is the strength of the people. You cannot call that advantageism. It is the people of Venezuela (…) We are a force, we are true”, said Maduro.

He highlighted the journey of the electoral campaign that has been carried out since last Sunday and that will culminate on May 17.

“I think the campaign is going well, very well. Each candidate carries its rhythm, its subjects. My pace is to work, to serve the people”, he said.