10 of 12 countries of the Lima Group rectify on border issue of Venezuela

10 countries of the self-styled Lima Group have rectified their position on the border issue of Venezuela, as confirmed by the Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza.
From the headquarters of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in Caracas, Arreaza detailed: “We are going to give a waiting time. There are only two countries remaining: Paraguay, which despite the recent informations we believe they can rectify, and Canada, in North America, we know what the characteristics of their policies are. We are going to give them until Monday so that these countries can rectify”,
Venezuela grants a deadline to this Monday to Paraguay and Canada, members of the self-styled Lima Group, to show their rectification regarding the interventionist position on the sovereignty of the Venezuelan nation:
“Hopefully, dialogue will reign in our region without political intolerance. Ideological intolerance is contrary to the principles of International Law”, he said.
Finally, the Minister for Foreign Affairs reiterated the call to the Government of Guyana to resume dialogue and abide by the 1966 Geneva Agreement, the legal instrument that governs the territorial dispute between the two nations.
“Let’s go back to the dialogue, to the negotiating table, let’s go back to the Geneva Agreement, let’s resolve this through international law, and through respect among countries”, he concluded.