President Maduro advocates that rationality be imposed in the Middle East crisis

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, expressed his hope for a negotiated solution to the serious crisis that is occurring in the Middle East after the attacks between Israel and Iran, which have turned the area into a hotbed that was already quite affected by the Israeli genocide in Gaza:

Venezuela’s position is peace. “Venezuela advocates that rationality be imposed,” said the head of state, adding that “an irrationality driven by the Nazi madness of (Benjamín) Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister) could lead us to a global war.”

The national leader reflected on the double standards with which some Western countries have evaluated different terrorist or violent acts in the world, in which they “rudely” favor Israel.

In this sense, Maduro mentioned the attack on Russia on March 21, about which the West created versions that Isis terrorists were responsible, to protect those responsible in Ukraine. He then recalled that on March 25, the assassination attempt against President Maduro took place in Caracas, and although the perpetrators were captured and confessed their responsibility, there was no condemnation from the Western powers.

Likewise, he said that on April 1, the “terrorist attack with Israeli missiles against the Iranian consulate in Syria” was recorded, which was justified by the defenders of Tel Aviv. And finally he remembered April 5, with the assault on the Mexican embassy and kidnapping of former vice president Jorge Glas, who also did not receive condemnation from Washington and its allies.

Under this position, the head of state reflected, “Who is imposing chaos? “Who is imposing violence?… Fascist and extremist violence with the support of the United States,” he assured.

He asked himself “what would happen if any country in the world attacked an embassy or consulate of some Western power? What would the US do if a country attacks its embassy and kills all its personnel?”, and in response he cited the experience of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, which for decades has plunged those people into violence and poverty.

He said that the Venezuelan government will continue to promote the voice of the people and just causes, and that Venezuela’s foreign policy is decided in Caracas and not in Washington.