Maduro to Obama: Today is an Anti-imperialistic day

In front of a red tide that filled the O’Leary square and its surrounding areas, in downtown Caracas, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said: “Today is the day of Guaicaipuro and his battle cry against the Spanish empire; Today is the day of José Leonardo Chirino; Today is the day of Francisco de Miranda, of Bolivar, Sucre and Urdaneta “.
From the central stage of the mobilization that started at the noon hours, to protest the extension of  Barack Obama’s executive order, in which he declares Venezuela as an unusual threat to the US security, he assured that: “Today is an anti-imperialistic day”.
In a national radio and television joint broadcast, the Head of State said that “Today we feel in our souls, that so many struggles have been worth, today is the day of Hugo Chavez Frías.”
He recalled that next March 12, when are met 210 years of the first time when it was raised the patriotic tricolor flag in Caribbean lands, “We say: go well away, shark, Venezuela will not surrender, Venezuela will battle.”