Commemorated 531 years of the Indigenous Resistance in the Venezuelan Chancellory

A few days before October 12, in the “Alí Rodríguez Araque” auditorium, of the “Pedro Gual” Institute of Higher Diplomatic Studies (Iaedpg), an entity attached to the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Relations, a conversation was held in commemoration of the 531 years of Indigenous Resistance, coordinated by the National Institute of Indigenous Languages.

The activity was led by the Vice Minister for Bilingual Intercultural Training and Education, of the Ministry of People’s Power for Indigenous Peoples, Yelitza Barillas; teachers Saúl Rivas Rivas and Jorge Pocaterra, and the deputy of the National Assembly, Noelí Pocaterra:

Although they wanted to eliminate our identity, trying to take away our lands, our resources, they could not (…) That is why in the indigenous peoples we continue to speak our language, with our customs, being clear about where we come from to know who we are,” said vice minister Barillas.

She emphasized that the Europeans arrived in the national territory with the conception of the “discovery of America, which turned out to be a colonized invasion,” in order to implement European capitalism, subjugation, slavery and mistreatment.