President Nicolás Maduro personally attends the emergency in El Castaño, Aragua state

This Monday, President Nicolás Maduro Moros made an appearance in the El Castaño sector, Girardot municipality of Aragua state, where heavy rainfalls overflowed the river of the same name and caused a natural disaster similar to the one that occurred in Las Tejerías:

We have to mobilize troops from Carabobo state, let’s not neglect Las Tejerías, they are two battle fronts. There are already 300 soldiers here, we are going to go in strong with everything, to support because there are walled off areas”, he reported from the affected sector, and before the rescue forces that were already working in El Castaño.

Likewise, he reported that the mobilization of machinery and heavy equipment has been ordered to attend to the contingency.

In this sector of Aragua, three people have officially died and there are 50 houses with damages, after the flood of water, large rocks and tree trunks dragged. Also, several vehicles were destroyed by the force of the waters.

The head of state, as he had previously announced from Las Tejerías, said that the presidential team would visit the El Castaño sector immediately, to give help and protection to the residents of the area.