Designed strategies to empower People’s Power in the National Water System

With the aim of strengthening the National Water System, the Sectoral Vice President for Public Works and Services, G / J Néstor Reverol, together with the Minister of People’s Power for Water Care, Rodolfo Marco Torres, and the president of Hidroven, Evelyn Vásquez among other authorities, drew up strategies to empower the people of the National Water System, as instructed by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

«We take advantage of the different expressions of the People’s Power to empower them of the Water System, in addition to carrying out a national registry of people with experiences in plumbing and repair of breakdowns of the different communities in order to support the work that is going to be carried out by the national Government and so they are the guarantors of the operation of the service», assured Reverol Torres.

He indicated that in order to comply with these guidelines, Jeniree Zerpa, the Vice Minister of Popular Water Management, was entrusted with the formation of the People’s Water Attention Brigades (Brippas) in the communities, as well as registering and granting tools and work materials to the same. Thus was referred in a press release from the Ministry of Electric Energy.

The also Minister of People’s Power for Electric Energy, reported that for the next few days there will be a special meeting with the Heads of Hydrology and the Territorial Managers of Corpoelec, to hold a national debate about the diagnosis and attention of the electric system within the water, which is essential for the maintenance and stabilization of the drinking water service.