Ameliach: The opposition does not care about the living conditions of the Venezuelan

“The economic war does not originate in Venezuela, it is planned from the United States, who controlled oil in the 20th century (…). The opposition does not care about the living conditions of the Venezuelan, (they are) only interested in power and in serving the United States. ”
The statement was made this Wednesday by the Governor of Carabobo state, Francisco Ameliach, during his participation in the “Hablando de Poder” (Talking about Power)  program, broadcast by RNV-Central Region, in which he referred to the complicity of the Venezuelan right wing on the imperial agenda of  turning back the country into an oil colony of the United States.
“Since the illness of Commander Chavez, the US gave the orders to put pressure to deteriorate the living conditions of the people, causing annoyance through violent means in order to get out of the Bolivarian project”, he said.
In his opinion, the opposition wants to generate induced inflation through the manipulation of the parallel exchange rate, directed from Miami and Colombia.
“The increase in the speculative market of staple food items has been happening from January 2015 until November 2016, of a 2,100%, meaning that the purchasing power of the Venezuelan has deteriorated by 900%,” he said.