Alex Saab’s letter to Jorge Rodríguez: «I was kidnapped by Trump and his henchmen»

Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, kidnapped in Cape Verde since June last year, sent a letter this Monday to the delegation of the Government of Venezuela at the dialogue table installed in Mexico, headed by the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, who shared the missive through his account on the Twitter social network, @jorgerpsuv.

In his publication, Rodríguez pointed out that Saab’s words moved him and that at the same time he felt indignation at the atrocities committed against the special representative of Venezuela.

Saab, a member of the official representation of the Government of Venezuela before the dialogue table in Mexico, thanked the delegation for expressing their support and solidarity with him personally and with his family, upon arriving in Mexico City on Saturday with posters in which was demanded his release:

I can’t see photos, but I felt full of strength and Homeland pride when they told me. I am and will always be eternally grateful to the entire delegation and to our government for that honor they gave me. That is the Homeland I love, the one that defends just causes”, he affirmed.

In the letter, Alex Saab reiterated that he is a hostage, and accused former President Donald Trump and his henchmen for kidnapping him in Cape Verde, for more than a year, a time during which he has even been a victim of torture:

They have denied me medical attention, among so many other basic things of human rights. Sometimes they even leave me without water for days because, according to them, the transparent bottles have to be X-rayed and the machine is always ‘damaged’”, he assured.

I have been threatened with death in a US prison almost every day since I was vilely abducted. They threatened my family’s life. I have been slandered, reviled, mistreated and, according to them, humiliated. But the soul of a warrior is not to be humiliated. Only the one who kneels sees his enemy as gigantic”, he added.

Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab recalled that the United States government in 2019 sanctioned him, and also his two older children, who allegedly had to interrupt their studies and go into exile:

Their accusations against me are so ridiculous and politically motivated that they have not been able to find a single piece of evidence against me. Even Switzerland destroyed the case of judicial overreach by investigating me for three years and not finding in 3,000 pages a single operation not even suspicious of being something illegal”, he said.