President Maduro calls for strengthening peace diplomacy with the people of the United States

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, called this Friday to strengthen the Bolivarian diplomacy of peace with the people of the United States, through sports, culture and other tools:

“The United States and Venezuela can unite in projects for peace, in projects of equal to equal, one on one, with love for youth. The independent, sovereign, rebellious, revolutionary Venezuela can unite with the people of the United States to bring peace, sport, culture, love to the neighborhoods. It is solidarity from people to people. The people to town diplomacy, we must promote this diplomacy”, he said from Miraflores Palace.

In a broadcast by VTV, the national president referred to the strengthening of this diplomacy, with regard to the visit to Venezuela of the Court Kingz, who promote street basketball and the values of peace around the world.

Maduro highlighted the work done so far by this movement in the neighborhoods of Venezuela to confirm that the Venezuelan youth is at peace:

“They were seen by more than a thousand young people in the country. That draws a lot of attention. The importance of basketball, physical activity, and that ability to manage the ball that attracts young people to sports, to values, to a culture of peace. I said thank you to the Court Kingz”, he said.

“The Court Kingz will begin their 2019 tour in Venezuela. They were talking to me about several projects that they have in Latin America and the Caribbean and I have offered my support to all the work that they develop in function of the youth”, he emphasized.

In addition, the players showed their skills to the Head of State, who was accompanied by the Secretary of the Movement for Peace and Life, Alexander Vargas, and other members of the Executive branch