AN approved in the first discussion the Law of the National Communal Parliament

The National Assembly approved, in the first discussion, the Organic Law of the National Communal Parliament. The information was provided by the President of the Legislative Branch, Jorge Rodríguez, through his account on the Twitter social network @jorgerpsuv, where he assured that this legal instrument represents more power for the people in participatory and protagonist democracy.

Regarding this fact, deputy Luis José Marcano, stated: «We need a National Communal Parliament, as an instrument to strengthen the capacities of the Republic, to fight against corruption and provide collective well-being”.

The legislative agenda, corresponding to April 12, 2020, also contemplated the approval of the Organic Law for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities, and before this act of justice, Deputy Emilio Colina recalled that «it was with the Bolivarian Revolution that have been created the conditions to incorporate people with disabilities equally into society”.

The National Assembly will take the laws to the entire country to make the necessary consultations, as requested by its President Jorge Rodríguez to his fellow parliamentarians.