Maduro to the UN: We have never been, nor are we a threat to any people in the world (+ Letter)

With a journey called “No more Trump,” Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros began – from last Saturday, August 10 and until September 10 – the collection of signatures in rejection of the new sanctions imposed by the government of Donald Trump on August 5, 2019.
Such action includes a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization (UN), António Guterres, which denounces the constant aggressions of the US empire against the South American nation.
Various governments of the world, social movements and political organizations have expressed their support and solidarity with the Government of President Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan people following the recent US measure.
Know in detail the content of the letter:
Letter from the Venezuelan men and women to the Secretary General of the United Nations
“Distinguished Dr. António Guterres, Secretary General of the UN:
As you surely know given your honorable and high responsibility, the United States government has unilaterally undertaken, with the support of adept governments and political minorities of our country, a series of planned and devious economic, political and psychological aggressions, against the Venezuelan population in order to produce “a regime change”, which in real terms is nothing more than to overthrow the government that in the exercise of our sovereign rights we Venezuelan men and women have chosen in free, universal and secret elections; according to our laws and in the exercise of our self-determination as a nation.
Initiated in 2015, under the administration of President Obama, with the issuance of the infamous Executive Order according to which our country, our people, represents “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to the security of the United States, which is precisely the most dangerous military power that humanity has known, the same that in only sixty years has led around the world no less than 201 conventional wars, not to mention the conflicts created under the so-called hybrid or low intensity war. Since then it has been formalized, and it is intended to legalize before the world, the siege and destruction of our Nation State. These aggressions have been exacerbated, as you well know, since the election of Mr. Donald Trump, who in less than two years has increased economic and financial hostility in order to suffocate the Venezuelan state and starve the population. All this in the light of day and before this honorable institution whose raison d’être is to prevent the return of the war, precisely ensuring international law. In the last hours President Trump has formalized the plundering of national assets and threatens partner countries putting the security of 30 million inhabitants at risk. The consequences of this criminal act reach, as intended, brutal and inhuman limits, preventing access to food, medicines and essential imported supplies, including emergency medical treatments and essential parts for the collective work. No one escapes their reach. All of us, children and the elderly, men and women, government supporters and opponents, we are all victims of this evil attack, contrary to the legal system that rules the United Nations and the elementary principles and human rights.
Throughout our history, no Venezuelan government has sent its armed forces to attack anyone, except to free its brothers from the first invading colonialism. As our Liberator expressed to the American diplomatic agent Baptist Irvine: “I will not allow the Government and the rights of Venezuela to be outraged or despised. Defending them against Spain has disappeared a large part of our population, and the remaining rest is eager to deserve the same fate. It is the same for Venezuela to fight against Spain than against the entire world, if everyone offends it…”
We believe in the peaceful resolution of conflicts. We have never been, nor are we, nor will we be, a threat to any people in the world, nor do we intend to dominate or exploit anyone. On the contrary, among us are inhabiting millions of brothers from all parts of America and the world, which constitute almost a quarter of our population.
We do not believe that the people of the United States have given their governments a mandate to attack and invade other nations. They have done it and they do it, however, in the name of a Manifest Destiny that represents, as Simon Bolivar predicted, the true threat to our America, in the last 150 years it has plagued it with dictators and miseries in the name of freedom.
So, Your Excellency Dr. Guterres, we turn to you so that, in your capacity as UN Secretary General, you not only raise your voice in the face of such unfair and vile aggression, but to demand that Venezuela be protected from this unusual crime, because what will succumb is the order and the international laws that have kept humanity free from a planetary conflict. That is why we request, as a member country, for the United Nations System to demand the cessation of this brutal aggression against Venezuela and to activate the existing mechanisms for the protection of the Venezuelan people, and guarantee the full right that all the inhabitants of our country have to human development and full life”.