8 mercenaries captured in a town on the Venezuelan coast

This Monday, 8 mercenaries were captured in a town on the Venezuelan coast, who were detained by local residents and handed over to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

The capture occurs one day after the armed terrorist incursion aboard speedboats in La Guaira state where they were neutralized by the state security forces.

Earlier the media reported on the death of former deserter captain Robert Colina, a.k.a. «Pantera», who was part of the armed group that landed on the Venezuelan coast.

The raid had the objective of carrying out a coup d’etat against President Nicolás Maduro and selective assassinations against officials of the legitimate Government of Venezuela.

After being neutralized the armed group, were seized weapons that had been stolen from the country by seditious groups on April 30, 2019.

One of those captured this Sunday claimed to be an agent of the US government’s Drug Control Administration (DEA).

In the afternoon, via Twitter, former deserter captain Javier Nieto Quintero, along with mercenary Jordan Goudreau, claimed responsibility for the so-called «Operation Gideon», whose objective is to overthrow the Government.