Chancellor Arreaza asks the international community to condemn the bombing of the Colombian government that killed 7 children

To condemn the bombing authorized by the Colombian government that killed 7 children in an attack against an alleged stronghold of former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (Farc-EP) on September 2, requested this Wednesday the minister of People’s Power for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza:
“Atrocities continue happening in Colombia. In an alleged bombing against the guerrillas, presented as a success by the government, 7 children were killed. A horrible false positive they hid for two months. They have no limits”, said the Venezuelan Chancellor in a tweet published in his account @jaarreaza.
In the session in Congress, in which was discussed a motion of censure against the Minister of Defense, Guillermo Botero, Senator Roy Barreras released the Legal Medicine report, “not known to the Colombians”, published last September 19, in which it is revealed that seven children died in the operation.
“Minister, you hid from Colombia that on September 7, you bombarded 7 children and 7 children died, which perhaps are 4 more because the Legal Medicine tests that I am showing you, show that the other 4 bodies arrived torn apart … they were, for the technical tests that are performed, less than 20 years old”, said Roy Barreras.
Barreras denounced in the session of yesterday Tuesday, that last September Minister Botero reported the death of “14 criminals” belonging to rebel dissidents in Caquetá, but omitted the killing of civilians.
In his presentation, Barreras said that the minister presented 14 dead criminals, packed in bags, during the development of military operations in Caquetá against the dissent of the Residual Armed Organ Groups (GAO).
However, he omitted that in those bags were seven children, including a minor, who were presented as members of the so-called residual GAO, a way in which Colombian authorities identify the FARC-EP dissidents.