CNE asks political organizations to respect rules during the campaign 

Tania D’amelio, principal rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE), reported on Friday that the electoral campaign, which began on Thursday, will end on December 7, 2018.

The rector of the CNE recalled that the rules established by the organism for the electoral process to be held on December 9, in which the members of the municipal councils will be elected, must be respected.

She commented on the deployment of prosecutors throughout the country to verify that both candidates and political parties respect the rules: «The exposure times on television and radio must be respected, not to call for hatred, for everything to march in harmony and peace» , she said.

She recalled that candidates are currently using social networks to campaign, so she urged organizations to be careful with the messages they spread: «We do not directly punish those who break the law, we make a first call for them to correct, and if the behavior persists, we sanction them».

During an interview on VTV, she invited «all the people to join the activities carried out by the CNE regarding the electoral process».

For these elections, is expected the participation of 21 national organizations for political purposes, among these are 11 regional, five national indigenous and 13 regional indigenous organizations.