Maduro: Venezuela will not be surrendered to the IMF

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed on Tuesday that the Venezuelan people will not accept the imposition of measures or IMF-ish packages, referring to the current situation that the brotherly country of Ecuador is going through.
This South American nation and its people have been imposed an agreement behind closed doors contracted by the president, Lenin Moreno and the International Monetary Fund, for an amount that exceeds 4,200 million dollars.
This situation has generated protests by the various Ecuadorian peoples and communities, who stand against the economic measures recently announced by Moreno, including: the elimination of the state subsidy to gasoline, the liberalization of their prices, which would generate an inflationary effect in the national economy, attacking the purchasing power of the Ecuadorian people.
In this regard, the Venezuelan president said that those who intend to surrender the country to the IMF will not return.
“Our people deserve peace, given the worst conditions of this economic war, the blockade, the sanctions, we guarantee to the people peace, work, education, health, social protection, social security. Sirs of the IMF, you will never return, you will never, ever return! He reiterated.
Maduro urged Moreno to revoke the “economic package,” announced on October 2, and to initiate a round of dialogue with the social, labor and indigenous sectors to solve the situation that Ecuador is going through.