450 territorial battalions joined the FANB to further strengthen GMASS

The Major General of the National Militia, Cesar Vega González, said that as part of the training plan of the Bolivarian National Militia for the overall defense of the national territory, from this Saturday militia men and women of the country, are driving an exercise in putting full operational readiness in support of the actions being conducted by the National Government, through the Great Mission Sovereign Supply.
“Today we are taking this activity in the 99 Areas of Integral Defense in the 24 operational Territorial Integral Defense zones and the 8 regions of Integral Defense, … the armed people receiving this training to strengthen the Great missions”, said Vega González.
He further stressed that currently there are 450 territorial battalions, 109 bodies of combatants to ensure the operation, “And the productivity of our businesses, as well as 20 special formations for the territory and the Bolivarian Militia to join the FANB, in a perfect civil- military union to further strengthen the Homeland Plan”.
Finally he pointed out that this exercise is a simultaneous mobilization of the 99 Areas of Integral Defense of the country, as he reported from Carabobo state.