President instructed to make protocol for self-construction process of housing

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, instructed a protocol to be made in order to make the process of self-construction led by the communities very efficient, since currently 70% of the construction of houses is in the hands of the people, through the Assemblies of Viviendo-Venezolanos:

«We have to make a protocol so that self-construction is very efficient and that depends on the financing of money and materials, so that the self-construction of a building takes the time it should take”, ordered the Head of State.

The task is «to demonstrate that the People’s Power builds with quality and on time”, urged the President, who said: «It is a matter of pride of the People’s Power”.

He insisted that bureaucratism must be fought when dealing with Venezuelan residents, in order to facilitate the processes for the people to build their houses, with the support of the advisory services and resources guaranteed by the National Government.

On the subject of the Financing Fund, President Maduro ratified all his support. «They tell me how much they need and we give them the money to have their financing fund, for the entrepreneurship of the Venezuelan people».