Purchase of Petros in bolivars will be available very soon

“The purchase of Petros in bolivars will be available very soon,” said on Monday the National Cryptoactive Superintendent, Joselit Ramírez, during his “Venezuela Crypto” program, broadcast by Radio Nacional de Venezuela.
Ramírez said that “we are adopting a new mechanism, a new system of how technology becomes into an asset, there is a very large crypto community in Venezuela and they are invited to be part of the transformation of the world economy.
During the third “Venezuela Crypto” program, Ramírez stressed that the option to pay in Petro is a reality in many stores in the country, and added that “any commercial establishment in this country can register on the PetroAPP platform to incorporate the Petro payment gateway and accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method”.
“Cryptocurrencies represent a way to break the sanctions imposed by the United States in the last four years against the Venezuelan people”.
The Superintendent also said: “We need all the people of Venezuela to adopt this new world system and be part of the transformation of our country’s economy”.
He also invited all entrepreneurial technologists in the country who develop applications to link to the Petro ecosystem.