This Monday activates Republic Plan throughout the country

The troops of the Republic Plan will be activated from this Monday in the 13.559 voting centers in order to guarantee peace, public order and tranquility during the regional elections to be held on Sunday, October 15.

The Republic Plan focuses its efforts on ensuring security in voting centers, for the voters and accredited personnel, as well as in the safeguarding of inputs, equipment and electoral machinery.

In accordance with the provisions established by the National Electoral Council (CNE), officials of the Republic Plan shall provide access to voting centers for persons duly authorized by the Electoral Authority, including center coordinators, machine operators, personnel who works in the elections, table members and voters.

At the end of the electoral journey, they will receive electoral material, suitcases with voting machines and other components for their custody and later transfer to the CNE stores, as indicated in the Regulation of the Organic Law on Electoral Processes, specifically in article number 328.

To this election day 18,094,065 voters are summoned of which 17,898,004 are Venezuelans resident in the entity and 196,061 foreigners residing in the country.