President Maduro ratifies his commitment to defend the people against fascism

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, wrote a message on his Twitter account to confirm his commitment to defend the Venezuelan people against fascism.
The message was made known on the occasion of commemorating on Wednesday, May 8, 33 years of the Yumare Massacre, an action that was executed in 1986 by the government of the Fourth Republic and which left 9 left-wing social leaders killed.
The Yumare massacre was executed in Yaracuy state by the Adeco (Belonging to the Acción Democrática right wing party) government of Jaime Lusinchi, with the aim of ending any revolutionary thought or group.
    Nicolás Maduro
“33 years after the Yumare Massacre, we remember the horrendous murder of nine left-wing social leaders who were victims of the fascism of the governments of the Fourth Republic. We will never allow fascism to once again subdue the free people of Venezuela by force”.
9:34 – 8 May 2019