Maduro: Venezuelans should not be disturbed by the right wing's destructive agenda

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, emphasized on Tuesday that while the right wing handles an agenda of destruction, the Bolivarian Government advances in constructive work to achieve a sovereign, free and independent nation, with education and love.
“There they are with their destructive ideas, here we are with our permanent construction of our Homeland, through education, here we are with love, with the Constitution, with the political power that the people have given us in a legitimate way, here we are with our dreams, with Bolívar and with Chávez”, he said during the graduation ceremony of 692 teaching professionals of the Micro Mission Sucre from the Theater of the Military Academy.
The Head of State and Government, called not to be disturbed by the right wing’s game, while reporting that his new 2019-2025 term of office will be marked by actions, progress and struggle.