President Maduro qualified Mogherini's pronouncement on political dialogue as infamous

As “infamous and aberrant” described the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, the statement issued last Tuesday by the High Representative of the European Union (EU), Federica Mogherini, on the political dialogue developed by factors of the National Government and the right wing in Barbados.
From the Municipal Theater, located in Caracas, he said that the statements intend to exert pressure on the parties involved for the definition of an agreement, an action that is inconceivable given the sovereign nature of the Venezuelan nation:
“Venezuela does not let itself be pressured or blackmailed by anyone. The dialogue will go at the pace it has to go, and when there are agreements reached these will be sovereign. Nobody will impose agreements on us”, said the Head of State during his participation in a meeting with political teams of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).
The diplomat said that the EU would apply new sanctions against Venezuela if there was no agreement in the round of talks held by government and opposition delegations under the auspices of Norway.
The dignitary indicated that “it is not a time for blackmail”, while affirming that Venezuela is ready to face, resist and advance in the face of “any blackmail” that the EU or the United States government (USA) may undertake:
“We are ready and willing to face them and defeat them in any fields that we have to face”, he said.
He confirmed that the position of the National Government, whose delegation is headed by the Vice President for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, is to maintain the understanding for peace in order to solve the difficulties that the country is going through.
He stressed that the Bolivarian Revolution, in the last 20 years, has prevailed in its constant call for political agreement as a mechanism to resolve differences and achieve national stability.
“Our flag is dialogue and peace, always has been. I believe in democracy, I believe in a culture of peace, I believe in understanding, I believe that one must always speak and more when one is victorious and the Revolution is victorious”, he added.
At the beginning of this week, the second day of talks between the National Government and the Venezuelan right wing was held, the main proposal of the official delegation being to keep a permanent table to reach agreements that lead to a solution to the political situation.