Attorney General of Venezuela requested blocking of the DolarToday web portal

The Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Diaz, said on Thursday that the 52nd Court of Control of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas was requested an unnamed precautionary measure of suspension and blocking of the Dolartoday website, and added that said instance has already agreed, which was already officiated to the National Telecommunications Commission.

He pointed out that there are numerous complaints regarding the functioning of the aforementioned web portal, while noting that the investigation for this case began on June 3, 2015, and is headed by the 58th national prosecutor, José Gregorio Aceituno, who coordinates various investigations aimed at clarifying the punishable facts that could be forming from the mentioned page.

Regarding the diligences carried out by the Public Ministry, she stated that after performing electronic investigations it was possible to determine that the page records are under the name of two companies located in the United States, as well as the servers, their IP addresses, the hosting and administrative data.

Ortega Díaz mentioned that this portal is allegedly dedicated to publishing false information regarding the unofficial exchange rate in Venezuela, so she recalled that in 2015 the Attorney General issued a request to the US, however, up to date no answers have been received for take appropriate action.

Likewise, he rejected any aggression against the State, so he expressed his pleasure at the statement made on Wednesday, January 25 by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States against the US decree of national emergency regarding Venezuela.

On the other hand, she mentioned a meeting that will maintain with the country’s top prosecutors in order to establish working guidelines to improve the service provided in the institution.

He stressed that the meeting will analyze issues such as criminal and institutional violence, corruption, human rights, addressing the victims belonging to the LGBT community, as well as the probity and ethics that should prevail in prosecutors.

The information was provided in the program «En Sintonía con el Ministerio Publico» (In tune with the Public Ministry), which is broadcast every Thursday from 7 am to 8:30 am by RNV-Informative channel